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Get To know JPaige!

Hey Y'all! My name is Jessica Paige and I am a San Diego, California Native. Grew up with the best Sunsets you can imagine on the West side. I currently live in Portland, Maine with my husband and slowly filling our home (apartment) with 80% of second hand or DIY'ed furniture, with the other 20% to be new sustainable items. I have a huge desire for travel, culture, and anything with adventure! Whether that be a road trip across the country (because we definitely drove two full cars across the country with handy walkie talkies) or flying out of the states to a gorgeous location like Tulum, Mexico. 

I love searching for the best chai tea latte with oat milk in town. Where are all my people with no dairy? I also love live music, spending some time on a good hike, exploring new places I have never been and tempted by every thrift store I see. 


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