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Blueberry Shoes and Backyard Wedding in Bowdoinham, Maine | E+M

Cute Ideas for a Backyard Wedding and Incorporating The Special Things | Maine Wedding Photographer


Emma + Matt reached out to me and found me through The Knot . We clicked after the client call, and they were booked! Leading up to the wedding, I had the honor to scout the location - which was at her family's house in Bowdoinham, Maine. As we walk through the home and Emma explains where everything will be - The vision easily came to life!

Scroll to see some of the sweetest intimate details incorporated in their wedding: from the shoes, to the drinks, to a special watch from a past loved one.

Soooo, did you see it? The special intimate details throughout their wedding... Did you see one of my faves engraved in the rings??? (this is where you scroll back and take a much closer look.)

If you saw the pirates in the rings - well your eyes weren't playin' you. In the inquiry form the bride told me to look up Stede Bonnet and next thing you know they also had Stede Bonnet's pirate flag in the rings. These two have a cool interest in pirates and I love how they brought that into their wedding!

Forever here for the backyard intimate weddings! If you are planning a backyard wedding, reach out to your girl and drop an inquiry!


The Team:

Photographer | JPaige Photography

Rings | The True Gem

Florals | Trader Joe's

Caterer | Bucks Naked BBQ

Shoes | Target

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