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5 Airbnb's in Maine Under $300!

As I have moved into Maine summer of 2021. Doing this research has really helped open my view to see some wonderful locations throughout Maine. I also love staying in Airbnb’s rather than a hotel. There is something special about going into a home crafted with personal touches of someone’s journey, most special memories, or artistry. I have collected a list of some beautiful and unique stays throughout Maine that you can not only set up a photoshoot at but can stay for under $300/night. And whether you want to plan an engagement session or couple's getaway; there is no lost here when you pair a cost-effective stay and a photoshoot together! So, keep scrolling for the list of cozy, warm, unique spots that you have been looking for.


  1. Smitten with The Appleton Retreat. This well thought out tiny home includes gorgeous wood panels throughout, a gas fireplace to stay warm, windows that let in natural lighting and a claw foot tub to die for. Things to do during your stay: It holds an attractive trail to a pond, kayaks to ride on the Pettengill, AND there is a sauna house AND wood fired hot tub! (Ensure to reach out to the host for additional cost of the activities listed above.)

  2. Breeze, also with The Appleton Retreat. The same great style on the interior just on wood stilts. This quaint tree house will have you feeling like you are at a luxury version of the Sandlot tree house. As this place holds a full small kitchen, a wood burning stove and all the great things to do as stated above on the property.

  3. Tiny House with the Enormous View of Acadia. You just can’t pass up good wood architecture. This tiny home presents a beautiful deck as well as a gorgeous, secluded view of the bay. From waterside walks to a field of greenery (in the right season), this Airbnb provides a gorgeous backdrop for a photoshoot. Things to do: Head over to Acadia National Park, stroll into Bar Harbor, or relax at the tiny home.

  4. Upscale Timber-Frame Cottage. This gorgeous cottage is the whole dream and then some. Every corner of this place looks cozy and brings the getaway vibes. Things to do during your stay: Head over to L.L. Bean – because this place is open 24hrs, take a short drive over to Bradbury Mountain State Park, or a shorter drive to Wolfe’s Neck Woods.

  5. Last but definitely not least: Tree Dwelling with Water Views & a FREAKING HOT TUB. Yes, It has been said, this gem of an Airbnb not only is in a tree (I mean who didn't climb a tree when they were young?), but it also has a hot tub. Gorgeous intimate interior vibes all perched up in a tree.

How to get the process going:

  1. Book your dream Airbnb stay. Whether it is secluded within the forest, perched up in a tree, or planted right near the lake/ocean, ensure you book soon as some places get booked up quickly. Though don’t stress, as there are hundreds of Airbnb’s to choose from.

  2. You will want to book your photographer once you have booked the Airbnb. I am aware of a photographer who would be down… It is me... if you haven’t had the chance to guess it by now 😎.

  3. Once your photographer and Airbnb is booked, reach out to your photographer for any outfit suggestions and their recommendations for a Hair and Make Up Artist (HMUA). Pack your getaway bag and get ready for an exciting time with your boo.

And don't just book for 1 night, make it a weekend getaway.


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